You don’t have a boat yet?
This 3 hour on water tuition
on our boat – is just for you

If you have your Marine Boat Licence and need some help in driving a power boat this is the course for you.

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This is a one on one private lesson with our experienced fully qualified skipper, on our commercially registered 6.2 metre power boat.   

Our boats have all the handling characteristics of a normal recreational power boat like yours.

Just starting out in boating,  learn safe boating and boat handling CORRECTLY  from the start,  don’t make the mistakes by not knowing.   Most mistakes are COSTLY at the least or possibly even life threatening.

In the three hours we cover all the basic maneuvers required to safely operate a recreational power boat :-

  • Launching and retrieving.

  • Safety equipment and procedures.

  • Driving forward and in reverse in confined areas.

  • Holding station and three point turns.

  • Approaching and departing a dock or jetty without damaging the boat.

  • Anchoring,  Berthing in a pen.

  • High speed handling (weather permitting)

Courses are held in the protected waters of Martha Cove and Blairgowrie Boat Harbour.

 Course Duration:   3 Hours

Locations : Martha Cove at Safety Beach – MARTHA COVE , Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron.

Call   Ross any time to discuss a time and place to suit you     0413 432 264